Fixed to Mobile

You wish to be accessible all the time and everywhere, which is why NM2D now offers its customers the opportunity to allow their mobile phones to be part of the PABX. Calls to your fixed number are automatically forwarded to your mobile phone, if you wish. But our service offers many more possibilities besides ‘simply forwarding’.



Diensten - mobiele abonnementen

The benefits of Fixed to Mobile in a nutshell:

  • Works on any mobile device
  • Immediately see whether a colleague is busy taking a call
  • Call forwarding from your mobile phone
  • Dial short numbers from your mobile phone
  • Make conference calls with other colleagues or external parties from your mobile phone.
  • The answering machine for the office and mobile are identical and recorded messages are sent directly to your e-mail inbox



Interested in Fixed to Mobile or our all-in-one service? Please contact us for a chat, without any obligation, or for a quote.